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Excuse in ignorance in shirk?

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Takfeer on the Mushrikeen
Shaykh Ahmad ibn 'Umar Al-Hazimi (may Allah preserve him) mentions and explains the relation between declaring takfeer on the mushrikeen and Al-Kufr Bit-Taghut
The Four Principles
Four important principles to understanding that not everyone who believes in Allah is a Muslim. By Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab
NEW: This is Islam
Excusively through the teachings of the Prophet the real Islam can be rediscovered in a time of extreme ignorance.
NEW: Risalah Aslu Din Al-Islam
Everyone who has not fulfilled Aslu Din Al-Islam can never be a Muslim. This Risalah contains very important information for a persons aqeedah.
’Udhr bil jahl (excuse in ignorance in shirk) - tafseer of (9:6) and (98:1) PDF Print E-mail

The following verses from the Quran and their tafseer clearly reject any form of ‘udhr (excuse) for the one who commits shirk before the hujjah is established, and confirms that this person is given the name mushrik by Allah and by the acknowledged mufassirun. Anyone who claims that a person can remain a muslim while committing shirk in ignorance he is opposing the Quran, the Tafseer of the Quran, the Sunnah and the Ijmaa' of the scholars.

New: Some mistakes regarding the issue of tahakum to the taghut and participating in gatherings of kufr and shirk. PDF Print E-mail


Taken from "Adwa 'ala qadiyyah at-tahakum" by Shaykh Abu Abdirrahman as-Somali

(الخطأ الخامس) عدمُ التفريق بين عابد الطاغُوت والكافر به:

(The fifth mistake) Not differentiating between the one who worships taghut and the one who rejects it.

يقُولُ بعضُ النَّاس:"الحُكمُ عبادةٌ، ومجلسُ الطاغُوت مجلسُ عبادة، فكلُّ من أجاب دعوتهُ ودخل في مجلسه فهو كافرٌ وفي عبادة الطاغُوت، وإن كان مُسلما قبل مجيئه".

“Some of the people say: ”Al-Hukm is worship. And the gathering of taghut is a gathering of worship. So anyone who answers his call and enters into his gathering he is a kafir and engaging in the worship of taghut, even if he was a muslim before he showed up.”

How is Aslul-Islam (the foundation of Islam) known? PDF Print E-mail

Taken and translated from the book "Aslu Din Al-Islam wa huwa At-Tawhid war-Risalah" compiled by Ali bin Khudayr

Aslul-Islam with which a person enters into Islam is known by the following 7 things:



This is Islam


This is Islam

When a person looks around him he will see all these communities whom all ascribe themselves to Islām, and all of them claim to work for the sake of raising its flag and spreading it. At this point none is able to separate the truth from the falsehood and the light from the darkness, except the one who obtained the light of Allāh in his heart, and has opened up towards it and is pleased with it, so he (as a result of this) walks upon the straight path.


Takfeer on the Mushrikeen and its relation to Al-Kufr Bit-Taghut

takfeer mushrikeen

Takfeer on the Mushrikeen and its relation to Al-Kufr Bit-Taghut

We point to an issue which is related to what have gone forth. And that is that it has been established many times that leaving shirk is included in al-kufr bit-taghut (the rejection of taghut). So whoever does not leave shirk (by not performing it) then he has not fulfilled al-kufr bit-taghut. And it is also included (in al-kufr bit-taghut) – just as we have mentioned yesterday many times – that the one who excuses the mushrik in his shirk; the one who does not judge him as being upon kufr – then he has also not fulfilled the description of al-kufr bit-taghut.