Al-Aqeedah Studies is an initiative for:

  • those who lack self-dicipline in seeking knowledge.
  • those who would like a systematic approach to seeking knowledge.
  • parents who want their child spending more time seeking knowledge rather than playing games. So they sign them up for weekly Islamic education to make sure they fulfill their duties towards them in this aspect.

What do you get?

  • Every week specific texts on predetermined issues will be shared which are to be read and understood. This will be done in a telegram group for everyone participating.
  • Answers to your submitted questions either in most suitable media depending on the number of questions and depth (texts, sound, or live lesson).
  • Tips and support from us in your seeking of knowledge.

Further information:

  • The issues dealt with will strictly be fundamental issues of ‘aqidah which ensure that the slave meets his or her Lord on Tawhid and Sunnah according to the understanding of the Salaf.
  • The study is on a beginner to intermediate level. It is not for students of knowledge, nor people who wants to discuss secondary issues.
  • Most of the shared texts are already available on Al-Aqeedah’s website and channel. So the service serves as a help and support to achieve the best results with the knowledge that is available.

Requirements for joining:

  • English on a level which suffices in understanding the material shared by Al-Aqeedah.
  • Access to telegram and zoom.

If you want to join then follow this link:

Furthermore please contact us with your feedback and suggestions. Barak Allahu feekum