Al-Aqeedah Wali Nikah

The Prophet (sallallahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said in a sahīh hadīth:

لا نكاح إلا بولي

“There is no marriage except with a walī (guardian).”

And this hadīth is the foundation of this service.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up to the group on telegram via the bot: (ONE TIME ENTRY FEE of 10GBP)

Step 2: Fill out the form with as much information as possible for best results.

Step 3: We will (1) approve the form to make sure nothing inappropriate or indecent is written, (2) remove contact details and (3) name your form in the following format and shared in the group.


#1 = form id number / brother = gender / 29 = age / kurdish = ethnicity / Austria = country of residence

Specific for sisters: Sisters will need to provide the contact details of a guardian who is in charge of marrying her. We will contact the guardian and make sure that this is a real person and affirm with him that any suitors will be contacting him and not the sister directly. Contact details will be removed and the form will be named in the following format and shared in the group.


Step 4: If have interest in anyone you write to admin ( in the following format (or similar):

Brother #1 interested in sister #25


Sister #2 interested in brother #12

We will forward your interest to the appropriate profile.

Step 5: If the other party replies back to us that they also are interested we will forward the contact details between the two parties.

This means: The brothers contact details to the guardian of the sister, or, the guardians contact details to the brother.

If you do not get any reply it is because there was no interest. All profiles have 5 days to reply to an interest.


– If it reaches us that someone has behaved inappropriately we will expose them and block them from the group.

– We do not consider the questions in the application form sufficient for making a decision whether or not to marry a person. Take your time to ask and negotiate with the other part. And ask people who knows him or her. Remember the period before marriage is the time for negotiation and the time for being honest, in order for the marriage to be based on a solid foundation.

Application form example (download)